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Exotermic Cover Fillings for fluid Metal Sufrace Tratment in Steel - works and Foundries

The high heat efficiency and sensitivity is enhanced by the expansion of the filling, which, in the course of exotermic reaction, increases its volume by at least 100 percent, thus, after burn-out, forming a loose layer of ashes with exceptionally good insulation properities.

For all types of Fe-alloys and steel ingots and cassting. The individual Granex types differ in their heat intensity and sensitivity of exotermic reaction.. These properities can be altered in co-oparation with the client in compliance with the requirements of the individual foundry technological procedures.

Appropriate for all types of steel ingots weighing over 1 ton. For foundry casting made of steel or nodular cast iron, for risers with diameters over 200 mm.

Appropriate for all types of steel ingots weighing over 1 ton. For foundry casting made of steel or nodular or grey cast iron non-ferrous metals

Recommended dosing:
1) steel ingots 1,2 - 1,5 KG per 1 ton steel
2) foundry risers

Riser diameter
in mm
Layer Height in mm
beginning end
100 0,20 25 50
150 0,45 25 50
200 0,80 25 50
300 1,80 25 50
400 3,50 27 54

over 400 mm in accordance with formula: M = 0,785 x d  
(M = Dose in KG,  d = riser diaameter in dm)

The individual dose has to be specified in compliance with the given část assortment, the quality of insulated side walls of the riser and further specific data relating to the given foundry technoligical procedure.

By all means, in comparison with classical exo-filling (non-expanding filling) a decreasa in dosing by at least 20 to 50 percent showing at least idential results, without the need to apply supplementary insulation of the burnt-up exo-filling, can be quaranteed.

Technical parameters:
GRANEX 1 Al metal at least 17 percent
GRANEX 3 Al metal at least 20 percent
Loose weight approx. 1,1 g/cm3, grain size 0 to 3 mm.

Standard: á 5 Kg Sacks
Substandard: client options

dry, well aired warenhouse, protection from moistening during transportation and storage, storage period max. 6 months.

Labor security:
Exo-mixture class II, ignition temperature over 600 grade

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